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  1. AnonJ

    She’s gorgeous. Just a statement of fact. I wonder who all these selfies were for. In part, prob. just for herself; to remind herself how beautiful she is. But I just wonder if many of them were forwarded to a lucky guy (or guys). She is not some little girl; she does her makeup and eyes like a pro. This girl is no slouch. I’m reading into just a few photos, but given the lack of any sports or cheerleading photos, I get the sense this girl was just committed to be a hot girl–and one who knows how to exploit all her assets. The photos are at least a decade old–note the old TVs. Wonder what she looks like now–she’s probably finished college . . . and likely made a nice trophy wife to a big-shot attorney or businessman.

  2. Anon

    She is pretty, but with all the selfies, i suggest that she is insecure (rather than conceited) , lonely , bored or all of the above.

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